Mountain Santa

There was no need to stop as we headed towards our next stop of our trip – Wild Iris – a rock climbing crag between Lander and Atlantic City, Wyoming.  We didn’t expect to see anything on the drive beyond the wide open spaces of Wyoming.

We were going through small-town Crowheart, Wyoming.  Plains.  Bluffs.  A handful of buildings.  It lies on the highway between Dubois and Lander on the Reservation.

Yet, a small bit of magic happened that day.

As we cruised in our van, riding in the opposite direction was Mountain Santa.

Try to picture this: snow-white hair, big bushy beard flowing from his face, button-down Christmas red shirt, dark jeans or Carhart’s, riding a fat-bike – a bike with seemingly over inflated bike tires  that can go through snow or rocky terrain.

Mountain Santa was leaner than North Pole Santa.  

But assuming he uses his fat-bike to get around, rather than a sleigh, it makes sense.

We only caught a second of him as we traveled in different directions.  Perhaps on vacation or maybe in charge  of the Rocky Mountain region, who can say why he’s biking Wyoming.

Whatever the reason, we caught a glimpse of Christmas magic in the middle of summer.


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