Summer Plans

Work hard, play hard.  That’s our motto on life.  It’s not necessarily our motto by plan, but just by default.  After pulling 10, sometimes 12 hour days at school (we both worked at extended school day and school year school the last four years), we don’t get a good work/life balance during the normal work week.  To compensate for that, we go hard at what we like to do.  In some ways, we overcompensate.

Need examples?

Feeling trapped by stress, anxiety, paperwork, and work politics?  Buy a van and spend a few months turning it into a camper.  –  Zero regrets on this decision by the way!

Feeling exhausted and go to bed at 8:30 or 9:00 every night?  Spend most weekends camping at Shelf Road, Vedauwoo or climbing in Golden.  –  One reason why we’re hard to hang out with or why we don’t see family much.

Long year that just won’t end?  Spend Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, and part of Winter Break on a road trip of some sort taking us out of town.  Most holidays and breaks are spent elsewhere –  Sorry mom and dad!

Work 60 hour weeks during the school year?  Spend the entire summer living in our van traveling around the US.  –  Again, ZERO regrets

As we’ve come to the last example, it’s time to plan our 2017 summer trip!  Something to mention is that during all of these trips both Tory and I will be writing our final Action-Research papers to complete our Master’s program.

Below is our rough plan for summer.  We are planning on being on the road from June 8 to July 27.  50 days of adventure!!!  This is the best part about being a teacher.  After inspiring the future and molding young minds of course.


A general outline of our trip.  Maps wouldn’t let us add anymore stops

Pre-Trip Summer Plans – Colorado

  • June 3 – Sun Drenched Music Festival
    • Time spent with friends, listening to music, playing sand volleyball and jumping on a bounce house, all while drinking delicious Denver Beer Company brews! It’s the perfect way to start our summer vacation
  • June 8-11 – GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, CO
    • Four days of watching outdoor competitions, music, and mountain beauty
      • Including: kayaking, slacklining (tricklining, highlining, etc), rock climbing, GoPro classes, concerts, vendors, Dock Dogs… The list continues on and on

State 1 – Utah

  • Maple Canyon – Rock climbing outside of Salt Lake City
  • Visit Rory!!
    • My amazing little sister has an internship this summer in SLC so we found climbing nearby so we could see her as part of our summer plans.  (Super proud of her by the way!)

State 2 – Idaho

  • City of Rocks
    • We have been talking about going to this climbing location for a while now.  It’s a place that keeps coming up.

The beauty of summer van life

State 3 – Wyoming

  • Jackson
    • Home of the Tetons.  Gorgeous.  Hipster.  Just a great place to stop at for a day or two!
  • Lander
    • If we could move there and find jobs we would in a heartbeat.  Too bad the town is so small that there aren’t more schools with openings!  It’s the friendliest place on Earth.  The climbing is amazing.  Overall a great place to be.
  • Ten Sleep
    • We spent a couple days here last year and is one of our favorite places.  It’s walls are shear, the grades definitely out of our league.  Most of the ‘warm-up’ routes are at our climbing limit.  Hopefully this year when we stop by we’ll be stronger climbers and can finish out our summer climbing stops by pushing ourselves into the canyon’s ‘easy’ routes (our hard).
  • Sheridan
    • No summer trip would be complete without visiting family in Sheridan.  With the craziness of our school year, we unfortunately don’t have much time to head up to visit Tory’s mom and sister in Sheridan.  Summer is the perfect time!  Not only do we get to spend time at his mom’s place and store, Amp finally gets a much needed haircut and a decent bath (thanks Kayla!).
    • This summer we plan on dropping the dog off in Sheridan while we complete the Montana section of our trip.

State 4 – Montana

  • Glacier National Park
    • As we are heading to Montana for a wedding anyways, we figured we might as well visit Glacier while we are in the state.  We have heard such AMAZING things about Glacier that we want to visit.
  • July 22 – Wedding
    • Our good friends from college, Emily and Jeff, are getting married (yay!!) in her hometown.  We will spend a few days in Lewistown to celebrate the two of them!

Back Home!

The trip back down to Denver will be a whirlwind as we hit a few stops along the way and make in back home before I have to go back to work on July 28.

  • Pick up Amp from Sheridan
  • Visit Tory’s dad in Gillette, WY
  • Climb Devil’s Tower?
    • Not sure if we will have the energy at this point so we will see!
  • Home in time for work on July 28 and a wedding July 29
    • Two more friends from college, Tyler and Celene, getting married on July 29 (woo hoo!)  in Golden a week after Jeff and Emily’s wedding.  So excited to get to celebrate their weeding!  And thank the universe that both weddings weren’t held on the same date!

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