Jumping on the Bandwagon

Hello family and friends!

With the school year (finally) comes to an end and the summer finally begins, it’s that time of year for Tory and I to plan our summer adventures.  As many of you know, Tory and I spend our summers, breaks, and some weekends living out of a campervan.  Neither of us really excel at story telling (minus the really good ones about school) or answering questions about how our trips go.  To remedy this, I’m jumping on the millennial bandwagon and starting a blog.


Oh the joys of teaching middle school.  As much as I love my job, I am sooo ready for summer!  (Note: it’s supposed to be “Bibbidi-bobbidi”.  Not even Disney songs are sacred at this age)

More importantly than keeping our families updated on our adventures, this blog is going to be a way to help me to find the balance between work and life.  Over the past four years, nearly all my focus as been school related: grading, planning, taking grad classes, etc.  I’ve realized how much I miss focusing on my own hobbies and passions, writing being one of them.  While I’ve written more than my fair share of lesson plans and student feedback, it isn’t quite the same as writing for me.

So read if you want.  Ignore if you’d rather.  Either way, our adventure begins soon!


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